Monday, September 9, 2019

Mojoheadz A&R are looking for dedication and good work ethic, right?

MojoHeadz Records is an international label for electronic music based in Los Angeles, USA.

Despite all the talk about “our team” and being in Los Angeles, Mojoheadz is a very large team working from at least two places: Los Angeles and Moscow.

Essentially, they are always looking for new talent's tracks on SoundCloud that meets the quality standards in the music industry.

This is the best place to start a career!

Don't buy fake plays, likes, reposts, and subscribers to SoundCloud and other fake promotion. This will not help your music career. Sign the deal to Mojoheadz!

Check for info.

MojoHeadz Records
MojoHeadz's artist: HGeniusX

MojoHeadz Records
Steve Aoki & Clay Clemens | MojoHeadz Records

MojoHeadz Records
Cley Clemens Show | MojoHeadz Records